What's important about our jewelry

Tina's Sedona artistic philosophy is reflected in its artistic-crafted and southwestern-inspired jewelry.  In our studio, intentional unsymmetrical work is something to respect in a pair of hand beaded drop earrings. Unconventional approaches are honored in untraditional chic beaded wire holiday earrings that reflect just a hint of holiday season instead of full blown gaudy Christmas earrings for which I have lost my taste. (No disrespect intended.)


Some of the best wire wrapped jewelry from our studio doubles as organic artistic jewelry when we wrap river stones harvested from local streams and suspend them from a necklace of leather or knitted wire. Our jewelry is made with ladies in mind but often we find that male energy has dominated the piece so we offer them as a unisex option.  Earth tone organic jewelry is a theme that runs through a good portion of our artist's beaded & wired wrapped bracelets, earrings, and necklaces.


Besides the detailed quality of our creations, what distinguishes Tina's Sedona most is that we sell highly affordable artistic jewelry online.  There is nothing like surprising a loved one with the gift of jewelry that one can afford and still get high quality materials and meticulous work reflected in the piece. Artistry is a wide open space in which to create. Our pieces are inspired in the moment and they really do create themselves. We enjoy sharing those creations with you. If you need a gift for yourself or a loved one, you can't go wrong by purchasing affordable real jewelry from Tina's Sedona online store.  For more reasons to buy, see our Customer Reviews and -- better yet -- visit our Past Work.