How to Join Tina's Sedona

It looks like you might need a little help to Join my website and become a Member of Tina's Sedona at NO cost --giving you access to an exclusive Members Area where you can do some "win-win" shopping, etc.   Before you do, just know that a Subscribe box is going to pop up every time you visit my website even if you have already subscribed (which is not the same as Joining).  If you are curious about the difference between Subscriber and Member, just read this. It is best to just do both!


When you are ready, this is how you Join:

  1. Click on "Log in" on my website

  2. The Log In screen should be totally visible at this point.

  3. Under the Log In title, look for the question : "New to this site? Sign Up"

  4. Click on the phrase "Sign Up" and enter your email address.

  5. Now create and enter a password that you will remember.  

  6. To finish, click the "Sign Up" button beneath the Password that you just entered.

Congratulations, you are a Member of Tina's Sedona! Just click on Members to get to the Members Only Area. When you are done shopping there, don't forget to visit SHOP NOW for a whole different experience!

In future visits to Tina's Sedona, you should already be logged in but you may not be. So just follow steps #1 and #2 above, entering the email address and password you created when you Joined. To finish, just hit the Log In button under the Password that you entered. That's all it takes. You're in!  ENJOY your visit...

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