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Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Ever wonder how an artist designs jewelry? I sure do. Do they draw it all out? Do they count every bead or coil of wire to be sure they have all they need for the project? When I am itching to wrap a stone, I follow my own approach but wonder how other artists approach their work.

I can tell you that I don't look for clasps in my stash until I'm done with the piece. If I don't have the right clasp then I will either make one or buy one when I know what the finished piece demands. Besides, often times I don't know if my wire wrapping will swallow up a stone or get shaped into earrings or a bracelet.

I've just realized that this weave is too stiff and bulky for earrings, and I hear the rocks calling! At this stage I'm wondering if I want such a sharp contrast between the stone and the woven wires... Is this stone "the one"?

Too many factors can distract me from the excitement of wire wrapping, and the anticipation of what I will produce! Ah, distractions, the biggest challenge to my attention span, easily influence my design and the artist within is good at resisting them. I wish I did as well in my day-to-day activities! But I digress.

My design process is difficult to describe. The only plan I have, at the outset, is to gather wire, beads, and a rock that enhance each other-- in some odd way-- and then I start wrapping. I tend to let the piece create itself. I just tell myself it is an experiment and I'm not to worry about the end result. I can make it work, in the end!

unfinished wire wrapped stone
I weave and wrap the front piece to the stone and then run out of wire on the backside with barely enough wire to anchor the front piece to the two ends of the stone.

Though the backside tips are wrapped tightly, they will not hold long term without a strong foundation to hold them in place. What to do?

wire weaving
This additional weave will do the trick! Stay tuned...

The good news is that I always find a way to recover when the piece is not balanced or not strong enough to hold its shape and its cloak of wire. If I'm not struggling a bit with the ensuing design issues that present themselves then the piece just isn't worth making. This piece? I've got a plan to tie it all together securely and beautifully!

But I'm left wondering... How does the artist in you approach your creative process?

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