Hand beaded amorite chalcedony rose and moonstone

My love affair with Amorite Chalcedony Rose began at the 2019 Tucson Gem Show. I have surrounded this raw specimen with rainbow moonstone, peach and yellow magnesite, and glass to creating a striking piece! Mounted on a foundation sealed with soft faux suede, this artistic creation measures 3- 3/4 by 2- 1/2 inches.

While some of my beaded embellishments can be attached to my macrame artwork, not all of them belong there. This piece stands on its own in its beauty and can be displayed in any number of ways. Here are a few ideas that have been suggested for a number of my hand beaded embellishments, depending on its size.

  • Incorporate them into...
  1. -a piece of your artwork (like jewelry or macrame),
  2. -a home decor project (like a drapery tieback),
  3. -or even an article of clothing (like a belt - see sample of application in photos)
  • Mount on mat board and into a window box frame
  • Place inside a glass display box
  • Append to favorite headwear or handbag
  • Attach to a large hair comb


  • One of a kind
  • Handmade with exceptional attention to detail
  • Finished size top to bottom: 3-3/4 inches long & 2-1/2 inches wide
  • Weight of piece: 2.7 oz.
  • High quality materials
  • Skilled craftsmanship
  • 14-day money back guarantee

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Hand beaded amorite chalcedony rose and moonstone

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    Some of the ancient stones (i.e., rocks) I use are raw and unpolished. Gathered from local deserts which were once part of natural waterways, sometimes the ocean!, many of them have a river smoothed surface.  Please notice that you may find imperfections in the stones for that reason. I strive to provide enough photos of each piece so you can see exactly what to expect from your purchase.

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