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Artist at Wupatki National Monument in Flagstaff, AZ, the Painted Desert in the distance.


Meet the Artist, Tina Levy

When I started making jewelry in 2000, mostly recycling my mom’s discards into more artistic pieces, I discovered that she enjoyed wearing my new versions. It was then that I became excited about exploring and learning jewelry making techniques from YouTube videos. Even though my mom passed some years ago. I am positive that she still influences my creations.  I also credit a number of designers for inspiring me, and I give them credit in my product descriptions, but I mostly create my own designs and patterns as I go along using recognized standard techniques. 

My talent lies in “interrupting” symmetry whenever possible and selecting distinct color combinations, talents that define me more as a jewelry designer and artist than as a jewelry creator. I let my senses lead me during construction so the work flows easily through my hands. One of my past obsessions had me wire wrapping aluminum nuggets from my husband’s fire pit projects. Now my inspiration is mostly fed by exploring the American Southwest.  When my rock hound husband and I moved from Florida to Utah in early 2019, my creative energies catapulted into wire wrapping weathered stones from nearby rivers.

Since our final settlement in Tucson, I’ve been moved to devote more time to being an artist – as opposed to a marketer of my artwork – because of people’s enthusiasm for the my creativity, sharp attention to detail, and the skilled craftsmanship of my pieces. I’ve been accepted by several renowned Arizona galleries who are excited about selling my artwork. What hasn’t changed? Well, I still plan to continue to publishing my artistic blog spots which highlight our mountains hikes and the inspired wearable art jewelry that follows. I love to write and hope to have more time to devote to it now.

Thank you for supporting me in spreading the word about these labors of love!


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