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Artistic Review
Artistic Review

By Rose Rushbrooke, Artiste Extraordinaire

Note from Tina: "I’m so honored that Rose felt compelled to share her thoughts on my artistic beadwork. Her own artistic accomplishments must have taken an entire lifetime to accomplish and I don’t expect to ever catch up with the majesty of her intuitive creative nature. But her attention and encouragement have certainly inspired me to push forward and let my work dare to find its own flow! If you want to explore Rose’s incredible creative flow, here are several links that portray her work in lots of different media that include fractal quilting, painting, writing, and of course 3-dimensional beaded sculptures. And these are just the ones I’ve managed to discover."


---Rose Rushbrooke

Okay – so the pandemic is a hayuge blip in the world’s onward trajectory. But, and there is a but, we’ve been forced onto the internet to keep our social options open.

There is a silver lining.

Because we’ve all met new friends – from EVERYWHERE!

Case in point. I used to send out a monthly newsletter. Tina signed up and apparently enjoyed the contents.

She emailed and thus began a connection with another artist a few hundred miles away.

After seeing pictures of some of her work I was absolutely compelled to interact. Tina is experimenting with what she calls ‘beadscapes’. Miniature dioramas with rocks, and valleys, and lumps and bumps. Just like a natural landscape.

Shall I offend you all by saying – many people have little or no artistic talent? There are arguments for and against. Some say we are all natural artists until we become self aware. Some say anyone can be an artist. Some say – do something creative to express yourself. It’s all just W.U.N.D.E.R..F.U.L. and airy fairy. And many people say – I can’t draw a straight line (spoiler alert, neither can self proclaimed artists).

Tina Levy is on a journey to show us what she sees. And what she sees is beautiful. She is an artist.

Surface design of Utah Jasper Agate and Glass by Tina's Sedona

I realise what I am about to write will etch itself indelibly into your mind, but this piece below [now on the left] makes me think of a foot. With many toes … 

 Utah Jasper Agate and Glass – embellishment by Tina Levy

Whereas this one makes me think of being Lilliputian and standing amongst fantastic, huge rocks. Look at that gorgeous, warm jasper.

Earthy Jasper Beaded Landscape by Tina Levy
Nice mix of techniques here. Bead weaving and embroidery.

Earthy Jasper Beaded Landscape by Tina's Sedona
Leopard skin jasper wire wrapped with copper by Tina's Sedona

Tina has many skills, including wire wrapping (which I am so crap at you would be embarrassed).  This is a pendant she made with leopard skin jasper wire wrapped in copper.

Leopard skin jasper wire wrapped with copper by Tina Levy

Even though Tina lives in Arizona and I am here in the Pacific Northwest, I love the fact that we can talk to each other. Conversations with other artists are always inspiring and I have absolutely no compunction in saying we plagiarize like crazy. Seeing a piece of artwork through the artist’s eyes is eye opening (no pun intended, it just happened) !

BTW, did I mention Tina lives in Arizona. And did I mention she lives near Tucson? Guess where the biggest annual gem and mineral show takes place each year in February (well, except for the you-know-what-C-years). Better be nice to Tina!

Go see some more of her work here – Tina’s Sedona.

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